Blood Cholesterol

Have High Blood Cholesterol? Control It Naturally With These Home Remedies

Is Cholesterol Important For The Body?

The simple answer is YES.

We know that all of us have cholesterol in our body. Even more, mother’s milk has it as it is needed since birth.

*Human milk supplies an infant almost 6 times the amount of cholesterol consumed by an average adult from his diet. Also, breast milk is very high in fat content. This seems quite a paradox when we have been brainwashed into thinking that high levels of cholesterol are bad.

These high levels of cholesterol are needed by the infant and young children for their growth and development. Studies have shown that breastfed children grow up as adults with a lower cholesterol level.

Cholesterol is fat and is constantly being produced by the body, in the liver.

  • It is needed to build all cells and maintain them.
  • It is a constituent of all cell membranes and the permeability of the cell membranes is dependent on the presence of cholesterol.

It performs many important functions :

  • It is required for the production of hormones produced by the sex glands.
  • It is needed in the production of bile.
  • It converts sunlight into Vitamin D.
  • It is needed for the metabolism of the fat-soluble vitamins.
  • It acts as an insulation for the nerve fibres.

*Jensen RG. Lipids in Human Milk. Lipids 1999;34:1243-1271.

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